Are you on the map?

Companies need a mobile presence, now more than ever. Customers won’t look for your website on their desktop anymore; they’re on-the-go, searching for nearby businesses when and where they have a need.

By using platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other social media sites, you can narrow your marketing to the customers who are looking for you. No more spammy advertisements that join the blur of everyday life. Create advertisements that mean something – grab your customers attention by offering your products when they need it!

Two girls sip their lattes in a downtown cafe. While discussing plans for afterward, one checks her phone to see an extremely cute outfit from the boutique next door on her Facebook news feed. With the draw of a “bring a friend” sale, the two decide to check out what’s going on. Thanks to social media and targeted marketing, the two enjoy a fun afternoon of shopping at YOUR store.

Mobile is all about saving time for your customer. Continued saturation of already busy markets means that you have to stand out quickly to win business.

A group of friends stand outside of the movie theater, talking about what happy hours they could hit up before it’s over. Someone searches “happy hours” on Google, and YOUR website comes up first, clearly listing your deals and times. Instead of spending 10 minutes searching through a list and bouncing ideas back and forth, you’ve stood out and made the decision easy for them!

Mobile brings store owners even more than the ability to reach your customers and stop them in their tracks. By making your business available on mobile devices, opportunities for harnessing even more power become available…

More data. By focusing on Mobile, companies can track where and when their customers best respond to marketing techniques. Later, companies can use this information to narrow their scope and save more money on advertising.

Google preference. Last year, Google changed up it’s search algorithm to place mobile optimized sites higher on the list than non-mobile sites. It’s about time you’ve switched over to a responsive site if you haven’t already!

Quicker online purchases. By simplifying it for the customer, you can boost your online sales immensely! Social media sites such as Facebook have implemented a “Buy it Now” button to eliminate the amount of steps needed to make a purchase. More steps mean more potential drop offs, so this is huge for the online world.

Stop waiting for your customers to come to you! It’s time to adapt and focus on finding interested consumers where they will be most responsive to your offer. Money spent on uninterested audiences is wasted money – spend it where you can get the best return!