She’s witty. She’s strong. She’s just plain adorable. And she’s my best friend.
Meet Corey.

Life has done a good job keeping us in each other’s lives. We have gone from living an hour away, to five hours away, to 10 minutes down the street. It only took moving across the US for that to happen.Corey-4It was maybe a week after I had decided to move out to Boulder, when Corey told me about this summer internship opportunity she had at a magazine out in Colorado. Boulder, Colorado. We had discussed moving somewhere together after college, and Boulder was never even on the list. Why it wasn’t, I have no idea. I’m a skier, coffeeshop lover, photographer, and I really hate wearing bras most of the time. She’s a vegetarian, feminist, backpacking climber with no filter when it comes to ranking outdoor privies, her five-star method, and rashes in the most unfortunate of places.

This is our place. These are our people.
We balance each other out… She can do chemistry, I can drive a car. Opposites attract, and I’d say we’re one hell of a crazy duo. All it takes is one beer (uncarbonated for Corey) for us to quickly regress to that Freshman-in-highschool sense of humor that we had when we first met in Biology, inappropriately laughing at the sperm cells we were assigned to study under the microscope.
Love her to death, and I’m so happy I have her with me in this new chapter of my life.