You never know when you’re going to meet someone who will change your life…
I met this incredible human being at The Laughing Goat about a month ago, as I (probably quite loudly) was talking to leasing office after leasing office on the phone looking for an apartment. She asked about my search, and our conversation quickly changed from “what kind of apartment are you looking for?” to “what kind of job are you looking for?”
Since then, Lauren Larsen has been my own personal angel in Boulder. She’s given me business advice, connected me with influential people, and shares her positive energy and love of life with me (and everybody around her). I’m beginning to find my little niche here, thanks to her!
One thing you should definitely all do is check out her incredible (seriously, seriously incredible) memoir, Zuzu’s Petals ( I can only vouch for the first half so far, but I’ve already laughed, cried, and begun thinking about life a little differently.

The definition of a power couple, Lauren and Jeff have done it all. Their second-date engagement is just the beginning to their amazing story. From mastering the corporate life to building startups to giving back to the community, they really know what they’re doing. They’ve realized their ability to change the world, and are acting on it, helping to drill wells to reach fresh water in southern Sudan and working with nonprofit blood centers and local charities such as There With Care in Boulder. 
As a highschooler, their daughter Clare is reaching that time where she should be embarrassed by her parents. I feel that she will be denied this common experience, however, as Lauren and Jeff are just really cool people. Even just having spent a short amount of time with her, I can already see that Clare shares her mom’s sense of humor (for those of you who know Lauren, you know that’s a large part), as well as her ambition and her easy-to-friend personality. I look forward to seeing what this girl does in the future!
Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful family, Lauren, and I look forward to our future coffees at The Goat!